Mining Technology Doesn't Need to be Complicated...


When using data in a mining operation, business requirements often go beyond what is offered by standard industry products. Mine Tech Services offers a range of straightforward browser-based tools to enhance and visualise data with minimum hassle.
Our products include:

Haul Road Explorer (HRE)

Haul Road Explorer displays the current condition of your haul roads by extracting information from mobile inspections, mine engineering data and your Fleet Management System. This easy-to-use browser-based tool enables you to constantly monitor and improve haul road conditions, substantially improving the productivity of your mine. Find out more.

Equipment Data Interface (EDI)

EDI is a powerful time-saving device, providing instant access to vital machine snapshots and data loggers. This user-friendly software enables maintenance analysts to quickly analyse large quantities of machine health data. Find out more.

Trend Exceptions Tool (TET)

Taking action before failure occurs not only reduces operating costs and missed production but also stress!

TET allows users to quickly identify and analyse equipment data trends and exceptions vs expected operating parameters. Benchmarking against similar fleet, overlaying influential asset alarms, and overlaying asset activity at the time help give users more context in one place to make informed decisions. Find out more.




Our MineView Landing Page collects all of your dashboards and reporting tools in one place, enabling you to access the data you need at the click of a mouse. Find out more.


Reporting Enrichment Forms (REF)

REF provides customisable web-based forms to manage business targets, shift notes, machine configurations and more. This efficient tool enables easy production reporting by capturing the form-entered information in a database alongside data from your Fleet Management System. There is no need to rely on spreadsheets - simply enter your data and let REF do the rest. Find out more.

Trend Exception Tool
Dispatch Handover Web Form
Material Inventory
Operator League Table



Mining technology doesn’t need to be complicated. Whether you are a service provider or a heavy plant company working on a mine or construction operation, you can rely on Mine Tech Services to help you make the best use of data and technology.
With a proven track record for quality and consistency, Mine Tech Services ensures a successful operation by offering four main services:
1. Consulting

  • Conducting site audits

  • Making a cost-benefit analysis

  • Developing a strategy and roadmap

  • Implementation of mining technology

2. Business Intelligence (BI)
We provide all the development time, support and training you need to make effective use of your BI platform:

  • Scheduled email reports 

  • Web portals for self-service

  • Interactive dashboards to track performance

  • Support for your fleet management system

3. Change Management

  • Process, communication and training plans

  • On-site and remote delivery of materials

  • Tools and reports to monitor progress

4. Support Services

  • Service contracts to support BI strategy

  • Ad-hoc support for any specific requirement


Who Are MTS?


We’re a world-class team of mining technology experts providing consultancy, training and cutting-edge software solutions for continuous improvement in mine operations and asset health. 

We’re nimble, flexible and responsive to the specific needs of your business and we have a proven track record of driving productivity and efficiency gains at mining operations around the world. 

Our Mission is simple: We want to reconnect you with your mining technology, turn your data into actionable information and help you extract maximum value from your investments.


25 years - Mining Fleet Management Systems

25 years - FMS Data Visualisation

25 years - Mining Technology Training and Mentoring

20 years - Project Management & Strategic Planning

15 years - Condition Monitoring Services

15 years - Asset Management


MTS have worked with us on several assignments evaluating the efficiency of mining operations.  I have found their skill in being able to rapidly process the data from fleet management systems to create understanding from noise, as well as their skill in creating clear representations of the analysis so that our clients can quickly comprehend the opportunities, to be highly valuable.  Highly professional and good fun too.

David Pearce, Managing Director – SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.

Moscow, Russia

Professional, reliable and always happy to assist I would recommend the MTS team to any company looking to make the most of the data coming from their mine.

I had the pleasure of working with MTS on the development of a suite of mining dashboards (in MineView) for an open cut gold mine. The information allowed our team to be able to see real time data and assisted us in our decision making. The MTS team were great to work with and were able to configure the dashboards to show exactly what we needed to see

Alysia Tringrove, General Manager, Newmont

Long Canyon Mine, USA

MTS has provided advanced support to this greenfield operation to build and develop systems to support Asset Health function. This collaborative project included the creation of custom reports, dashboards, interfaces and productivity tools specific to the operation’s business needs. MTS listened to the customer’s needs to provide creative technology-based solutions which lever off multiple data streams to provide information via user-friendly platforms.

David Hogg, Assistant Superintendent - Mine Maintenance, Newmont

Merian Mine, Suriname

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