• Joe Atkinson

Dashboards vs. Reports for Mine Site Reporting

In this blog, I aim to discuss appropriate applications for dashboards and reports in the mining industry.

A significant part of our work is building bespoke data visualisations for mine sites running some form of fleet management system. Typically developed in SAP Business Objects, the delivered products are built with one aim - to help the customer more easily measure and manage their mine. Data sources we use include Fleet Management Systems, Machine Health Solutions and High Precision Ore Control Systems. More recently we have begun working on a Mine to Mill project involving Fleet and Plant data.

Sometimes when arriving at a site, the request is made to build a set of reports when probably dashboards would be more appropriate; or vice versa. With this in mind, in the below table I attempt to list what is an appropriate application for these two different visualisation delivery methods. You will note that for certain items, neither reports or dashboards are the appropriate tool. Alternative solutions will be discussed in future posts.

*Other tools are available to satisfy these requirements

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