• Joe Atkinson

7 Ways to Make Your Fleet Management System Reporting More Effective

Until very recently reporting numbers from a Fleet Management System (FMS) has often been an after thought for those installing or running the product. I've visited dozens of sites where frustrated managers many months after an installation still don't have the critical data they need to make important business decisions.

How can this be improved? Below I outline 7 Ways to Make Your Fleet Management System Reporting More Effective:

1. Establish Trust in the Data. Easily accomplished via a "Data Validation" report which clearly shows mining cycle data, applied calculations (e.g. KPIs). The sole aim of this report should be to achieve and maintain the site's confidence in the data.

2. Build relevant reports through Requirements Gathering with prospective recipients. This process can be quite tough as people are often stuck in a mentality of wanting lots of data that they can pull into Excel. Product demonstrations, whiteboards and pieces of paper(!) are all great collaboration tools that will help accomplish firm requirements.

3. Are reports really the right tools? PDF reports delivered via email really aren't always the best way of presenting data: dashboards, mobile BI, Business Objects Explorer tools all provide alternative visualisation approaches which might be more suitable for some scenarios. For example, a dashboard showing production for the current shift is much better then forcing the user to rerun a report every time he/she wishes to see the latest statistics.

4. Timeliness on delivery of desired reports is critical. It is therefore important that post-requirements gathering a clear path to project completion is communicated to all stakeholders. Emphasis should always be placed on making sure priority reports are produced first.

5. Be honest about limitations so that people are not misled by what can be delivered. This avoids disappointment later on.

6. Continuously Improve initial deliverables so that content remains relevant as the business environment changes.

7. Build quality reports that are easy to read and look professional. So often report writers will spend hours building a report with complex SQL and formulae; and then fall over at the final hurdle with a report that looks terrible and becomes consigned to the Recycle Bin.

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