• Joe Atkinson

Business Intelligence for Mining

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of extracting data and presenting it in a manner which is useful for an organisation. Although BI has been around for many years, it is only relatively recently that mines have started gathering vast quantities of data that require quick analysis for decision making. A good BI platform can make the difference between a mine knowing or not knowing how effectively they are producing or what they are hauling. BI is key to reducing cost whilst increasing production.

Business Intelligence, typically delivered through enterprise platforms such as SAP Business Objects, can manifest in many different forms including:

- Scheduled PDF reports via Business Objects 'Publications' tool.

- Web portals for self service (i.e. SAP Business Objects' BI Launchpad)

- Dashboards

- Tablet based reporting for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows etc.

- SAP Business Objects Explorer spaces for more detailed ad-hoc queries

Whilst most large open pit mines running a fleet management system do already utilise the delivered BI solutions, significant quantities of the valuable information is not tapped to its full potential. Below are some examples of new and quite diverse reports that we have built for customers:

- Unlocked Assignments and the benefits they are bringing the operation in terms of production requirements and actual tonnes hauled.

- Production Data Quality reporting to highlight during the shift if there is a problem

- Operator Abuse reduction with the intent of extending component life on haul trucks

- Crew and Operator performance

How can we help further?

- Site study to identify areas of the operation that could be improved; and how your data could be utilised to benchmark and improve the situation.

- Site specific reporting for different Fleet Management Systems, Machine Health Solutions and High Precision Ore Control Systems using your existing BI installation.

- Audit of your data quality. Are you capturing load and haul cycles accurately? Is there missing data?

- Implementation of full 'mine to mill' reporting that integrates all of your sources into a single data warehouse

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