• Tom Jordan

Alicia's Research Work gets Published in the Tectonophysics Journal

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Recently, some of Alicia McCabe's geology research was published in Tectonophysics - The International Journal of Integrated Solid Earth Sciences. She was part of a team that published the article "On the structure and evolution of the Sorbas basin, S.E. Spain".

Well done Alicia!

Article highlights include:

  • Structure and history of the Sorbas basin, SE Spain is described.

  • Internal geometry of the basin is inferred from geological mapping and gravity survey.

  • Early basin fill deformation produced large-scale monocline by gravitational sliding.

  • Deformation produced by subduction rollback with back-arc extension.

  • Petrophysical properties reflect regional deformation geometry.

MTS GeoSoft gravity modeling mining technology
Alicia used GeoSoft's Oasis Montaj and GM-SYS geophysical modeling software to produce this gravity map of her fieldwork area.

Alicia believes that her six months of experience geophysical surveying and geological mapping in the harsh summers of South-East Spain really helped prepare her for life with MTS working at remote mine sites around the world

Alicia in the field during her geological surveying work.

Please follow the link here to read/download a copy of the article.

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