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Alicia's Research Work gets Published in the Tectonophysics Journal

Recently, some of Alicia McCabe's geology research was published in Tectonophysics - The International Journal of Integrated Solid Earth Sciences. She was part of a team that published the article "On the structure and evolution of the Sorbas basin, S.E. Spain".

Well done Alicia!

Article highlights include:

  • Structure and history of the Sorbas basin, SE Spain is described.

  • Internal geometry of the basin is inferred from geological mapping and gravity survey.

  • Early basin fill deformation produced large-scale monocline by gravitational sliding.

  • Deformation produced by subduction rollback with back-arc extension.

  • Petrophysical properties reflect regional deformation geometry.

Alicia believes that her six months of experience geophysical surveying and geological mapping in the harsh summers of South-East Spain really helped prepare her for life with MTS working at remote mine sites around the world

Alicia in the field

Please follow the link here to read/download a copy of the article.

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