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Easily Capture and Report on Production Targets Vs Actual Performance

Updated: Oct 1

For many sites running a Fleet Management System (FMS) along with a Business Intelligence (BI) product such as SAP Business Objects (BO), it isn't always straight forwards to tie actual production numbers to planned, budgeted production. This can make fleet management, material reconciliation and mine planning feedback overly difficult.

An example of how our Reporting Enrichment Forms can be used to provide flexible targets in your mining dashboards and automated reports

Three problems typically arise:

1. Most operations run different planning systems; combining actual production data can be difficult as there is no 'off the shelf' solution.

2. A workaround is put in place tieing a BO report to an Excel 'target' data source. This requires constant maintenance and breaks easily!

3. Actual operational performance data is exported from the BI product into Excel, where budgets/targets are copied in from another document. This is both time consuming and can easily lead to errors.

When integration with the planning system isn’t an option, the use of a centralised tool is preferred for controlling targets. This ensures only one version is maintained in the correct format, rather than multiple different spreadsheets being emailed around.

In response to this challenge, we built a highly configurable form-entry system, 'Reporting Enrichment Tool' (RET). Via a web interface, designed for the specific business requirements, data is written to a secure database. Entered data (E.g target tonnes for bench 1100 for January 2017) can then easily and reliably be tied to actual production in a BO report, dashboard etc.. Simple!

Any changes made within RET are immediately reflected in any subsequently run reports, dashboards etc.. This makes it quick and easy for any authorised person to make changes without having to re-work multiple business intelligence visualisations.

With over a dozen RETs now deployed at sites worldwide, we’ve found this method saves time, reduces reporting errors and helps automate a major pain point for site reporting teams.

Beyond just targets Vs actual production we’ve also used this method to allow operations to report and control many other items:

  • Company KPI targets required for reporting Vs actual operational performance.

  • Dispatchers entering in 'comments' about the shift to provide extra context for historical reporting (e.g. “Loading slow due to poor blast fragmentation”).

  • Entry of operational data for equipment not fitted with an FMS system. (e.g exploration drill activity currently relying on paper entries converted to XLS).

  • GET (tips) Wear tracking and comparison.

  • Grouping of engines and assets under specific roles/regions to allow easy reporting.

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