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Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

MTS would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest recruit Jonny Witter.

Jonny hails from the Bristol area. He recently graduated from Camborne School of Mines with a Distinction in Mining Engineering and focused on haul road optimisation for his final year thesis.

Jonny Witter on site in Nevada
Jonny on site in Nevada

Jonny’s first project with MTS was to test and deploy a short-term planning reporting and data visualisation solution at a gold mine in Nevada. He worked closely with the engineering and operations teams there to ensure the project was a success.

MTS were based in Elko, Nevada, during the project. We made sure that Jonny had some time off to sample the local nightlife, visit the Star Hotel for some famous Basque comfort food and to check out some local historical sites, including California Trail Interpretive Centre.

MTS - Meet our team!
Jonny at Elko's historical Chamber of Commerce

We are all looking forward to working with Jonny on a range of mining technology projects in the future!

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