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Who Are MTS?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This is the first in a series of short blogs providing an insight into each member of the team here at MTS. We all have different mining industry backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that enable us to solve problems and build solutions in unique ways.

Kea Menyatsoe - Mining Data Analytics

Kea joined MTS back in November 2019. She brought with her a decade of mining consulting experience utilising Cat MineStar Fleet, Terrain and Health data to provide analysis, visualisation and reporting solutions for short interval control solutions at mining operations across Southern Africa.

Kea enjoys working on a varied range of analytical and development projects from Fleet Management System system audits and technical appraisals through to the creation of custom Tableau and PowerBI workspaces. If you need assistance utilising your MineStar systems or data, you can bet on Kea to help. Check out our case studies to learn a bit more about what we do.

Kea is based out of Johannesburg, and (normally) travels over to MTS HQ on a regular basis. She loves the local scenery but is much less keen on the ‘Great’ British weather. When she is not busy writing SQL queries and supporting MTS solutions around the world, she likes to spend time with her son, working on his YouTube channel and baking delicious cakes!

Kea's selfie in front of Lancaster Castle
Kea visiting Lancaster Castle on her last trip to MTS HQ.

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