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MTS Leads a Digital Mining (UK) Session at a Mining Industry Workshop in Poland

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

MTS's discuss digital transformation in mining.
MTS's Tom Jordan speaking at the Digital Mining Workshop in Poland

MTS was pleased to be invited by the UK Department for International Trade to lead a Digital Mining workshop, on behalf of the United Kingdom. The workshop was focused on digital transformation in the mining industry and took place in Katowice, Poland.

Digital Transformation in the Mining Industry

The workshop was kindly hosted by Poland's Central Mining Institute and with increasing numbers of mining companies around the world increasing their use of digital mining technology, Poland is no different!

The aim of the workshop was to share knowledge and explore possible collaboration opportunities between the two countries. Poland is rich in natural resources, especially coal, silver, copper, zinc and nickel. You may be less aware that Poland also has significant reserves of Platinum Group Metals, which are obtained as byproducts of copper ore processing.

Increasing Demand for Green Mining Technology

As the demand for EV and battery metals for green tech increases, there is an increasing trend in the mining industry of improving traceability and sustainability. The general public is becoming much more self-conscious about understanding exactly where the materials in the products they buy have come from, and embracing green mining technology will become central to EU supply chains.

Taking into account its substantial silver, copper and nickel reserves, Poland, therefore, has a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of the push for sustainable mining within the EU's internal markets. This is becoming ever more important from an EU policy perspective, with the European Commission's recent commitment to sustainable mining.

To achieve this, the Polish mining industry will need to embrace green mining technology, which is inherently intertwined with digital mining technology. MTS's expertise in digital transformation in the mining industry was well-received during the workshop, as mining companies in Poland look to begin implementing their own mining technology to improve productivity and safety and find ways to reduce their operating costs.

Attending the workshop was extremely interesting, because MTS were able to hear firsthand, about the specific challenges that were high on the list to tackle for Polish mining companies.

Eco-Friendly Mining

At the workshop there was a lot of focus on the coal mining industry which is very active in Poland. The coal mining industry in Poland is large and incredibly economically important, with coal still in high demand for uses such as electricity generation, steel-making and cement production.

Although large-scale coal-ming has ceased in the UK, and as many countries around the world move away from coal mining in order to meet carbon emissions targets, it would be wrong to say that the will to find and develop green coal mining technology does not exist within the countries that still rely on coal for many industrial uses - and will continue to do so into the future.

At the workshop, in particular, there was a lot of interest from Polish mining companies around the drive for cleaner methods of energy generation, improved carbon capture and storage, improving mine rehabilitation methods and environmental controls post-closure, as well as gaining more efficient and safer ways to extract the coal through the application of existing and emerging digital mining technology, such as mining fleet management systems, high-precision machine guidance for drilling and loading, and data-warehousing for mine site optimisation.

This we encouraging and we applaud the continued advances in mining technology that the Polish mining industry is embracing.

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