• Tom Jordan

MTS Respond to COVID-19

I’m sure you are all in the midst of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We do hope you and your colleagues, family and friends are safe and well.

We wanted to provide you with an update from the MTS team about the steps we’re taking.

What we have done in response to COVID-19

Following the confirmed spread of the virus to areas and transit points where we are currently operating, we took the decision to repatriate the MTS team.

We are all now safely back in our home countries and we’ve taken the good, common-sense advice to all work from home.

We’re Still Hard at Work

MTS Remote Team Meeting
MTS Team Meeting via Zoom

At MTS we are used to rapidly changing work environments and so are continuing to support our clients globally as before.

We are a distributed tech-focussed organisation, working in different locations/timezones, and already make great use of collaboration technology on a daily basis. We will be leveraging these tools to replace in-person discussions as much as possible but appreciate this cannot be fully achieved. We hope to be back at your operations as soon as normality returns.

Finally, we wish everyone all the best for what is likely to be a challenging and stressful period.

Kind Regards,

The MTS Team

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