Want to make the best use of technology and data to drive your business? Then Mine Tech Services will be with you every step of the way. A typical consultation involves:

  • Conducting the initial site audit to assess the current situation and priorities

  • Making a cost-benefit analysis to reach an investment justification

  • Developing a strategy and roadmap

  • Implementation of mining technology features as your operation expands

From start to finish, Mine Tech Services will ensure your project runs smoothly and successfully.





To ensure key decisions can be made with ease, data analysis should be available to a client as and when they need it. Business intelligence (BI) provides all the tools you need to analyse data without needing to consult an expert. We help you make optimum use of your BI platform by offering:

  • Scheduled email reports summarising performance levels​

  • User-friendly web portals for self-service

  • Interactive dashboards to track performance in real-time

  • Reports generated for handheld devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows)

  • Ad-hoc analysis with software such as Business Objects Explorer

  • Support for your fleet management system to track productivity

  • Integration with other platforms including Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint

Mine Tech Services guarantees exceptional BI support to ensure each operation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.





Effective change management is crucial for a successful project. Mine Tech Services works closely with the leadership team in each project to provide:

  • Structured process, communication and training plans

  • On-site and remote delivery of materials

  • Tools and reports to monitor progress during the change process

  • Close support throughout the whole process to provide clarification and address any issues

To make the complex change process simple, look no further than Mine Tech Services.



We appreciate the challenges of operating in a 24/7 environment and the growing importance of reliable data and systems. To ensure a first-class level of support, we offer:
  • Service contracts to assist with administration, software issues, user training and reporting needs through the duration of a project
  • Ad-hoc support to address any need or requirement
Mine Tech Services prides itself on being accessible and easy to reach, and we maintain regular contact with our clients throughout the entire process.
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